Hacked or Not? ….. It is just a matter of time. Your option whether you want an ease of use or a tighter security? When being online is an obligation to you, then this seminar is a MUST!

As an online activist you need to know what are the Threat and Vulnerabilities online. Do you think Whatsapp is totally safe? Think again. Consider all the time that you spent online , are u sure you are not being spied through a “key logger” that will record every keystroke that u entered and later sent to a third party.

In this preview seminar , you will be introduce to all the threats and trojan or virus that may harm your online transaction. Have you heard of a “ZOMBIES” -“DIALER”- DENIAL OF SERVICE” ?

I have been collaborating with this White Hat Hacker cum Internet Forensic Specialist on ways to educate and to help fellow Malaysian to acquire and to get professional certification and Alhamdulilah this short seminar will spearhead our sincere intention. The white hat hacker will be here to share the knowledge this coming event.

Fot those who are interested to attend please sms/whatsapp to this no..011 26253977 just type Hack and your email. Place are limited . First Session Oct 10,friday 8.00pm ( place will only be reveal upon individual confirmation and payment)

Hope to see U all there….Just Remember….



~Zamiel Zukie~