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It was a very inspiring evening that I have spent with Ardy Timmer,  she is a Dutch Nationalities and have been living in Malaysia for 13 years. When I read about this  art exhibition on FB, I immediately Private Message her and inform her of my intention to visit her  exhibition. To my surprise,she responded  and said that she will be waiting for me.

Her collections of artworks were actually exhibited at a nice Cafe in Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 3, Ashley’s By Living Food. It was launched on September  14th by Loes Nas,spouse of the Ambassador Of Netherland. On the same day, an environmentalist Matthias Gelber  gave a talk entitled  ” The Truth Behind The Haze”

Ardy, is truly an artist who paints based on what inspired her, she said that she felt the connection between her painting and the aura surrounding. When others draw to impress she does it to express.

Sharing more of her experience and thoughts, she told me that she recently had formed a small group of Art Appreciation Clubs in the pursuit of promoting arts in Malaysia. are the best!

BACK TO NATUREby Ardy Timmer

The Back To Nature intends to show  my journey as a painter. From figurative works to flowers and landscapes in which I  express my artistic musings and through which I challenge myself on an artistic and personal level. At the same time, I felt the need to start exploring landscape as that was what I needed at that point in my life. As an ARTIST, I am intuitively guided by the deepest movements of my inner call calling..