Zahid Hamidi: Friend or Foe Of The Secret Societies ?

zahid hamidi pejuang melayu

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) is among the most important and challenging ministry in the administrative structures and our national security. As such, the Home Minister is always under scrutiny and subject to unending cynical criticisms.

During Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussain Onn’s tenure as the Home Minister, he became synonymous with the labeling as ‘Minister of Warnings’ because of his issuing endless warnings after warnings without enforcing the laws.

During Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s time now as the current Home Minister, he is regarded as ‘No Action ; Talk Only’ because of his ministry’s failure to take affirmative action on many issues despite having grade ‘A’ solid incriminating evidences.

As a matter of fact, many of those who became Home Minister faced many challenges and issues that darkened their political futures. It is a political curse since the era of Musa Hitam who held that position when he was implicated with the Kg.Memali issues.

The biggest challenge that Ahmad Zahid Hamidi faces today is the case of Paul Phua, the King of Illegal Gambling who has been arrested in Las Vegas, United States of America.

Ahmad Zahid, as the Minister of Home Affairs has been asked by Paul Phua’s attorney in Malaysia, Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah and his lawyer in the United States of America, the law firm of Messrs. Chesnoff & Schonfeld to clarify the status of Paul Phua in this country.

This is because Paul is listed as a member of 14K, the international organized crime syndicate based in Hong Kong.

According to Shafee he asked Ahmad Zahid to explain the status of Paul Phua to the FBI and his advocate regarding Paul’s involvement with 14K.

“I wrote (to Zahid) around August to give the full name of the subject (Phua) and I also asked, “Can you please clarify whether Phua is a member of the 14K triad? ”

“Interestingly, the Minister only replied two months later – he did not respond immediately to the letter because he received information from the police that Phua was not a member of the 14K triad.”


Zahid in his letter to the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) stated that Paul is not a member of 14k. This fact can not be avoided because Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar as the Inspector General of The Royal Malaysian Police stated that the said group does not exist in Malaysia.

“I can only emphasize that although the 14K (an international organized crime group) does not exist here, there are Malaysians abroad who are known as members of this secret society” said Khalid.

Paul Phua and his son are facing charges of running an illegal gambling operation in Las Vegas last year.

US authorities are accusing Phua of being a member of the triad based in Hong Kong, based on information according to them which was supplied by the RMP.

So whether Paul Phua is involved with 14K activities abroad is leaning more towards international intelligence by the Malaysian Police rather than based upon facts or evidence obtained in Malaysia which is the jurisdiction of the RMP.

So it is not fair for the proceedings in the Courts of the United States of America to take into account the intelligence information by the RMP to the detriment of the said case.

Is Zahid Friendly towards Secret Societies?

Several opposition leaders and the Malaysiakini portal accused Ahmad Zahid as being friendly towards secret societies because in the letter it also declared Paul Phua as a person who helps the police in matters of national security of this country.

If read in passing then there might be some truth that Ahmad Zahid is protecting Paul Phua.

However, in the field of security and underworld intelligence,  revealing that Paul Phua is a whistleblower to the Malaysian Police might be a death sentence for Phua if he was truly involved with this international organized crime syndicate known as 14K.

Paul Phua’s involvement with international secret societies are mere assumptions based upon limited intelligence sources. The government may not be able to arrest or take action against him based on this information.

By announcing to the FBI and the US Courts that Paul Phua “assists the government in matters of security” could imply that Paul is a government informant.

In this case, if he was really a member of the triad, his life is already in grave danger, whether to seek protection as a witness or bound to face the death threat from the secret society involved.

Actually, Ahmad Zahid’s letter is a two-pronged strategy that is quite brilliant.

If Paul had nothing to do with the international gangsters involved, then there is no reason to continue to label him as a  triad member.

If he is a member of the triad, the announcement that he is a “whistleblower” for the Malaysian government implicitly carries the death penalty.

So in what way would such a letter that is full of diplomacy but equally very dangerous could serve as evidence that Ahmad Zahid is friendly towards the triads?

In fact the letter involved ought to be a proof of the WISDOM of Ahmad Zahid in managing matters of national security.