Must Watch: The Story Of Kuala Lumpur (The Musical)


What Is MUD?

MUD,The Musical by Kuala Lumpur City Hall, In collaboration with Enfiniti Vision Media, a project by Visit Kl. The show was created by the Enfiniti Team headed by Ghafir Akbar and Chedd Yusuf. This Musical MUD is produced by Tiara Jacqueline and the team that produced award winning musicals like Puteri Gunung Ledang, P.Ramlee The Musical and The Secret Life Of Nora.

The Story Of Kuala Lumpur: MUD the Musical is a story of survival, of no giving up in the face of adversity. But more importantly, this latest version is a celebration of the triumph of a human spirit. It seek to reaffirm what we KLites know to be true deep in our hearts, that there is so much that we can achieve if we put aside our differences and work together hand in hand. In these difficult times, perhaps we all need a little reminder the importance of friendship and unity.